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Who is the Apostle Leopold Mutombo

Leopold Mutombo

This man is a powerful instrument in God’s Hand, man of great works, man of vertue, he is one of the patriarchs of the church revival in the D.R.Congo and in Central Africa. A Man of masses, the word and spirit minister of Jesus-Christ.


As the Word says:

”The message spoken by angels proved to be true, and all who disobeyed or rejected it were punished as they deserved. So if we refuse this great way of being saved, how can we hope to escape? The Lord Himself Was the First to tell about it, and people who heard the message proved to us that it was true.

God Himself showed that His message was true by working all kinds of powerful miracles and wonders. He also gave His Holy Spirit to anyone He chose to.”

(Heb 2:1-4)


Apostle Leopold Mutombo received the Lord in April 1974, this man of God is a spiritual son of patriarch Aidi Abala who is one of pioneers of Church revival around the world. Apostle Leopold Mutombo is one of pioneers who spread the Spiritual revival in Africa French-speaking countries.

After giving his life to Christ, Apostle Leopold Mutombo received the Lord’s call by the revelation of Jesus-Christ Who appeared to him in 1976, calling him to the ministry. After being taught in the bible way, he was set aside for God on October 22, 1980. A true family man, Apostle Leopold Mutombo is married and father of two.



Leopold Mutombo


Man of virtue and great works

His public gatherings: crusades and conferences have drawn huge crowd since 1986. And the Lord Jesus Christ has his crusades followed by signs, wonders and starling healings such as: liver condition, tumor, cyst, cancer and AIDS are all cured or simply vanishes; the lame walking, the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the dumb speaking and even children born without sex miraculously recover their sex; the demon-possessed are set free, lizards, cockroches and cats coming out of bodies and so on.



Leopold Mutombo



Apostle Leopold Mutombo is the founder of a big evangelic work called”AMEN MINISTRY” based in Kinshasa-DRC.

The ministry has branches locally in the D.R.Congo provinces as well as internationally in Africa, Europe and latin America.

The Amen Ministry Headquarter sees thousands of members every week. Mighty delivrance and healing services take place every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday in this big temple.


Leopold Mutombo



Apostle Leopold Mutombo is a convincing intellectual, writer and political scientist; he has spread his influence on thousands of people trough his prophetic conferences on important themes such as,


  • The mark of the beast:666
  • The new world order
  • Near-East and Mid-East prophetic stakes
  • The European Union and their prophetic role...



 A Writer


Author of several works of which the best known are:


  • The tabernacle
  • The church rapture and the return of the Lord
  • Alters destruction


Apostle Leopold Mutombo owns a big Christian TV station that covers more than ten million viewers. Moreover, he is the initiator of many Bible Schools such as:

EBS(Samuel Bible School)

Tyranus School

Disciples Training School

He has spent more than 30 years of shepherd life in the service of Jesus-Christ, the Lord of the vine. The man is a sure blessing for the body of Christ.



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Leopold Mutombo




He is a holder of various prizes in his field.

  • DRC Honor citizen for the Kinshasa in 2001
  • One of the church VIPs in the DRC 2003
  • Grand Kasai in 2005
  • Peace Maker”Grand Honor Prize” granted by the “Pastors International Forum for Peace in Israel” in 2009
  • One of the church VIPs of the last 50years in the DRC in 2010


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